Align Your Stars for Phase 3 Success!

Phase 3 is around the corner and the Five-Star Quality Rating System has had a series of major changes. Are you ready? Let the national experts at the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS) help you to navigate the changes, create a plan of action, and prepare for the major changes ahead, including the way QMs are calculated, two new claims-based long-stay measures, and the importance of section G. 

Tools, Resources, and Education

From articles and tools to podcasts and certification programs, we have the information need in a format that suits your style. Check out a handful of the resources available to AADNS members to build their action plan for Five-Star changes:

Ready to align your stars? Get started today to gain full access and member-discount pricing on the above resources and programs, as well as other information and tools needed for DON success. Need to see a sample of what's available? Get our popular At A Glance QM, QRP, and VBP Tool by completing the form below. 


Why Choose AADNS?

The American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS) is the premier, national association advancing post-acute care through innovative nurse leadership. AADNS represents DONS and nurse leaders in long-term care by providing fresh and cutting-edge resources that nurse leaders need now. AADNS is sophisticated in its expertise, creates relevant tools and products, and promotes a collaborative approach between the DON and team members. Meet the experts serving our members.