When Used Weekly, AHRQ Toolkit Reduces Rehospitalizations at SNFs (2/21)

By AHRQ - February 17, 2021

From AHRQ News Now:

Skilled nursing facilities that tested AHRQ’s Re-Engineered Discharge (RED) toolkit found that training during weekly staff meetings was more effective than a single full-day course, according to a study published in Clinical Nursing Research. The RED toolkit, designed for hospitals, was tested by four skilled nursing facilities from 2013 to 2015. They used either standard implementation, which trained staff via weekly meetings, or enhanced implementation, in which staff training was completed during a single full-day course. Standard implementation facilities also had stronger leadership support for revised discharge procedures. While facilities using the enhanced implementation saw no change in rehospitalization rates, standard implementation reduced rehospitalizations by 45 percent at 30 days, 50 percent at 60 days, and 39 percent at 180 days.