Revised SNF ABN (Form CMS-10055) Is Mandatory Effective May 7, 2018

By CMS - February 01, 2018

CMS has released a newly revised SNFABN along with newly developed, concise and separate instructions for form completion. The revised SNFABN has the requirements from the denial letters and looks very similar to the ABN with 3 different options. 

CMS will be discontinuing the 5 SNF Denial Letters and the Notice of Exclusion from Medicare Benefits - Skilled Nursing Facility (NEMB-SNF).  Since the NEMB-SNF was used as a voluntary notice for care that is never covered by Medicare, CMS will continue to encourage SNFs to issue the revised SNFABN in this voluntary capacity.  Chapter 30, Section 70 of the Medicare Claims Processing Manual revisions will be forthcoming. 

The revised SNFABN will be mandatory for use on May 7, 2018.