• CMS Final Rule Revises Medicare/Medicaid Arbitration Requirements (7/19)

    CMS Final Rule Revises Medicare/Medicaid Arbitration Requirements (7/19)

    By CMS -

    Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Revision of Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities: Arbitration Agreements

    ACTION: Final rule.

    SUMMARY: This final rule amends the requirements that Long-Term Care (LTC) facilities must meet to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Specifically, we are repealing the prohibition on the use of pre-dispute, binding arbitration agreements. We are also strengthening the transparency of arbitration agreements and arbitration in LTC facilities. This final rule supports residents’ rights to make informed choices about important aspects of their health care. 

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  • CMS Proposed Rule Would Revise Medicare/Medicaid Requirements for Participation, Including Some Phase 3 Delays (7/19)

    CMS Proposed Rule Would Revise Medicare/Medicaid Requirements for Participation, Including Some Phase 3 Delays (7/19)

    By CMS -

    Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities: Regulatory Provisions to Promote Efficiency, and Transparency

    AGENCY: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS. ACTION: Proposed rule.

    Areas of Major Provisions:

    a. Requirements for Participation

    Resident Rights (§483.10)

    Admission, Transfer, and Discharge Rights (§483.15)

    Nursing Services (§483.35)

    Behavioral Health (§483.40)

    Pharmacy Services (§483.45)

    Food and Nutrition Services (§483.60)

    Administration (§483.70)

    Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (§483.75)

    Infection Control (§483.80)

    Compliance and Ethics Program (§483.85)

    Physical Environment (§483.90)

    Technical Corrections

    b. Survey, Certification, and Enforcement Procedures

    Informal Dispute Resolution and Independent Informal Dispute Resolution (§488.331 and §488.431)

    Civil Money Penalties: Waiver of Hearing, Reduction of Penalty Amount (§488.436)

    Phase 3 Implementation of Overlapping Regulatory Provisions

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  • QIO-Developed Trauma-Informed Care Resources (7/19)

    QIO-Developed Trauma-Informed Care Resources (7/19)

    By MQIO Program -

    Purpose of these resources This is a comprehensive, but not all inclusive, list of resources that may be helpful for nursing homes as they work to ensure that residents who are trauma survivors receive culturally competent, traumainformed care in accordance with professional standards of practice and accounting for residents’ experiences and preferences in order to eliminate or mitigate triggers that may cause re-traumatization of the resident (per §483.25(m) requirement that will be implemented beginning November 28, 2019).

    Who should use these resources? Nursing home leadership teams may assign responsibility to a person, such as a social worker, to review the resources below, identifying those that might be helpful for a) leadership, staff, and/or resident/family education, or b) behavioral/emotional care policy or program development or revision. 

    Why this is important? The included resources provide information that will help nursing homes to build capacity among interdisciplinary team members to deliver holistic resident care, being sensitive to how a range of experiences over the resident’s life may relate to their current physical, emotional, and behavioral health status. Trauma is common throughout human experience, and we need to respond with empathy and understanding. Providing trauma informed care can help staff to avoid re-victimization of those who have survived trauma and create an environment where the individual feels safe and secure. 

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  • NNHQIC Changes: You Must Download Your NNHQIC Goal Data by July 17

    NNHQIC Changes: You Must Download Your NNHQIC Goal Data by July 17

    By NNHQIC -

    In September 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and its contractors continued the work of the Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes Campaign to make nursing homes better places to live, work and visit by promoting quality and performance improvement in nursing homes through individualized, person centered care. Subsequently, the Campaign continued and was renamed the National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign. The Campaign was operated by Telligen through a contract with CMS. Telligen’s contract will end on July 17, 2019, and unfortunately, Telligen will no longer be able to operate the Campaign after that date.

    Many of the NNHQI Campaign tools and resources will continue to be available at the QIO Program website, https://qioprogram.org/nursing-home-resources. If you are using a Campaign Tracking Tool, you may continue to use that Tracking Tool, but you will not be able to use the Campaign website to trend your goal data over time.

    After Wednesday, July 17, there will not be any way to access your website account or view goal data that you have entered on the Campaign website, so we strongly recommend that long-term care providers download any goal data that they have entered on the Campaign website by July 17.

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