HIV Positive Nursing Home Patients: Changing Characteristics (1/19)

By AHRQ - January 29, 2019

Nearly 80 percent of nursing home residents with HIV are prescribed antiretroviral treatments, according to an AHRQ study that provides an updated snapshot of HIV positive nursing home patients in nearly 15 years. Researchers reviewed a nationwide database of Medicare claims linked to nursing home health assessments and prescription dispensing databases, comparing data from 2011-2013 and 1998-2000. Compared with statistics from 1998-2000, researchers found that patients with HIV are entering nursing homes at an average age of 60, as opposed to 44. New admissions had a higher prevalence of viral hepatitis (about 16 percent vs. 8 percent) and anemia (about 31 percent vs. 25 percent), but less pneumonia (about 11 percent vs. 14 percent) and dementia (about 9 percent vs. 21 percent). This population is expected to increase in the coming years as HIV treatments improve. Researchers believe these updated statistics will allow nursing homes to better anticipate the future health care needs of people living with HIV.