Do You Know How To Access CMP Funds? (3/19)

By OIG - March 10, 2019

The OIG report, Michigan Disbursed Only Part of Its Civil Money Penalty Collections, Limiting Resources To Protect or Improve Care for Nursing Facility Residents (02-28-2019 | Audit (A-05-17-00019) | Complete Report | Report in Brief) found that the state of Michigan did not fully use available civil monetary penalty (CMP) collections to support nursing facility residents. While the report is specific to Michigan, it suggests some providers across the United States may not be aware of/know how to apply for CMP funds or know what types of projects are likely to receive funding.

How to Apply for CMP Funds

The application process for CMP funds is determined by the state in which the nursing home is located. The process for each state may differ therefore states have their own applications for CMP funds and applicants should use their state specific application and instructions.