CMS FAQs: LTC Regs, Survey Process, and Training UPDATED (8/18)

By CMS - August 06, 2018

CMS updated these Long-term care survey process (LTCSP) FAQs on Aug. 3, 2018.  Topics covered: 

A. 483.10 Resident Rights; B. 483.12 Freedom from Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation; C. 483.15 Admission, Transfer, and Discharge; D. 483.20 Resident Assessments; E. 483.21 Comprehensive Resident Centered Care Plans; F. 483.24 Quality of Life; G. 483.25 Quality of Care; H. 483.30 Physician Services; I. 483.35 Nursing Services; J. 483.40 Behavioral Health Services; K. 483.45 Pharmacy Services; L. 483.50 Laboratory, Radiology, and Other Diagnostic Services; M. 483.55 Dental Services; N. 483.60 Food and Nutrition Services; O. 483.65 Specialized Rehabilitative Services; P. 483.70 Administration, F838 Facility Assessment; Q. 483.75 Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI); R. 483.80 Infection Control; S. 483.85 Compliance and Ethics Program; T. 483.90 Physical Environment; U. 483.95 Training Requirements; V. LTC Survey Process Training; W. LTC survey Process; and Z. General Questions.