Update: CASPER MDS 3.0 Quality Measure Reports Available (1/19)

By QTSO - February 02, 2019

MDS providers were notified by CMS on January 25th, that the reports in the 'MDS 3.0 Quality Measure Reports' category in the CASPER Reporting application would be unavailable while enhancements were being applied to the reports. These reports are now available and contain the following enhancements:


  • Calculation updates/changes to short stay pressure ulcer measure, long stay pressure ulcer measure, and the long stay weight loss measure
  • 'Hi-risk/Unstageable Pres Ulcer (L), N015.02' will display with 'Hi-risk Pres Ulcer (L), N015.01' measure results to see changes in calculations
  • A new legend is present to direct users to the SNF QRP Quality Measure CASPER reports to view results for the SNF QRP Pressure Ulcer (S) Measure
  • Updates made to columns/display for 508 compliance