How to Avoid Citations for the Top Two Most-Cited Deficiencies

By Amy Stewart, MSN, RN, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, RAC-MT, RAC-MTA - October 08, 2019

The survey process can be overwhelming. Surveyors arrive and begin evaluating whether the facility has met specific quality standards. Often, even the prospect of an impending survey leads to anxiety and fear for facility leaders and staff. Being aware of common citations and proactively putting plans in place to avoid those findings can help lessen the anxiety. Knowing the most-cited deficiencies and being survey ready at all times can help reduce the number of and lower the scope and severity of common citations.


Over the years, the top ten survey deficiencies have remained relatively constant, but the reasons that facilities receive a specific citation do vary across the country. Let’s look at the most-cited deficiencies across the nation since January 2019 and delve further into common reasons for the top two citations.