What Can Happen in a Year?

By AADNS - January 19, 2018

What Can Happen in a Year?

AADNS’s 2017 Year in Review

In 2017, long-term care saw several changes, such as the implementation of Phase 2 of the Requirements of Participation, the new SNF survey process, an emphasis on person-centered care, reductions in medications including opioids and antipsychotics, an extensive look at emergency preparedness and infection control, and much more.

To help our members keep up-to-date on all of these new rules and best practices, the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS):

Nearly 1,000 nursing professionals joined AADNS in 2017, and they have been so excited to take advantage of all of the new resources available. One of our members wrote:

“You have such great information on the website, I think it would benefit all of our communities. I am on the website daily and keep finding more and more useful articles/tools.” – Laura W.

For a visual overview of AADNS’s 2017 Year in Review, see this infographic.


What’s on the horizon in 2018?

In 2018, AADNS plans to continue offering the most current information needed to provide the best care in the long-term and post-acute care field. We will continue to make your jobs as nurse leaders easier than ever as we find new ways to breakdown the regulations you need, provide you with the tools that save you time, and offer the space to bring nurse leaders and experts together to collaborate, to ask questions, and to spark new ideas.

Joining a professional nurse leadership association like AADNS in 2018 will be the best action you take toward fulfilling all of your other professional goals this year.

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We’re looking forward to a great year!


Nurse leaders, what was your biggest accomplishment in 2017? What are you most concerned about in 2018 for long-term and post-acute care? Let us know in the comments below!

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