Professional Development Leads to Quality Care

By AADNS - November 16, 2017

Professional Development Leads to Quality Care

“Shun idleness. It is the rust that attaches itself to even the most brilliant of metals.” - Voltaire

In the long-term and post-acute care fields where the only thing that is constant is change, it’s so important to keep learning and developing yourself and your team. Why? Professional growth and continuing education lead to better care. When you continue to learn, you acquire the updated information necessary to lead your team well; and when you have a well-trained and educated staff, you know your residents are in good hands.

As a nurse leader, you have the power every day to motivate yourself and encourage your staff to really work toward breaking down the knowledge barriers and embracing the educational opportunities available to you both.

In fact, if you and your team are looking for ways to acquire free professional development opportunities, AADNS provides two professional development grants to outstanding members who exemplify the best that long-term care has to offer and who actively show an interest in their professional development.

AADNS Professional Development Grants

  • President's Grant – Recipient receives a complimentary registration for the online ten-course DNS-CT certification program or the five-course QCP certification program
  • Founder's Grant – Recipient receives a complimentary registration to the 2018 AADNS Annual Conference and a travel stipend

AADNS members also get access to many other great professional development resources, and as soon as you join, you can start developing yourselves professionally and improve your care practices with the following:

o   Watch webinars on the most important topics in LTC

o   Read articles by nurse experts and catch up on the important news in your field

o   Ask your difficult questions and connect with a network of your peers

o   Download helpful tools to simplify and expand your DNS toolkit

o   Take DNS-CT or QCP courses and get your professional knowledge certified while earning CE

o   Enroll in Continuing Education Courses to stay current and earn CE toward your license and credential requirements

o   Train your staff with the Staff In-Service Tool Kit and see them grow in ways they never have before

You and your staff have so many professional development opportunities at your fingertips. Never stop learning and always work toward better quality care!

Join AADNS risk-free for two weeks, and check out all of the great professional development resources above that could be available to you and your staff.

When you join AADNS as a member, you’ll receive access to:

  • Re: Professional Development Leads to Quality Care

    Very good reminder for all of us - That our commitment to continual improvement, is not only our competitive advantage, it is also the life-changing, life-saving advantage, offered to patients, families, and loved ones.

    While there's no shortage of information available these days, our time is at an all-time premium. And, today, it's never been more necessary for us to be clear and focused on the difference with want to make in the clinics, hospitals, boardrooms, and in society.

    By: Joel on 11/18/2017 04:30:47 PM

  • Re: Professional Development Leads to Quality Care

    Navigating change, doing more with less, and expanding in our areas of competence... These aren't just ideals that are asked of the nursing population, with the constant flow of new information, and changing societal landscapes, it seems that these standards are now needed for the majority of all professional populations.

    But what can we do?

    Well, if there are other nurses in our families or communities, we can gently ( or not so much), remind them that NOW is the time to get focused on their professional growth and development.

    And, that the leaders of tomorrow, will be those who are open to new ideas, flexible in its application, and adaptable to new and improved techniques and processes.

    And, for ourselves, we can dive deeper with our learning and development plans, take advantage of grants and scholarships that come available, partner with a trusted mentor, and remind ourselves, that when grow, everyone benefits.

    By: Joel on 11/19/2017 08:26:27 PM

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