5 Reasons to Attend the AADNS Nurse Leadership Conference

By AADNS - April 04, 2018

1.       Professional Development Makes Better Leaders

Quality education leads to better quality care, and as nurse leaders, it is so important to stay current in the field, know what is coming, and learn the latest best practices for you and your staff.


2.       Networking Opportunities for Allies and New Ideas

As much as the director of nursing services position sometimes feels like a one-person show, it doesn’t have to be. The AADNS Conference will connect you with other leaders who know your struggles and have answers to your tough questions. You can also brainstorm and discover new ideas you may have never considered!


3.       The Latest Tools, Resources, and Services in the LTPAC Field

AADNS brings together the best vendors in the field all in one place to help you find new products and services that will make your job and your staff’s jobs easier.  



4.       Recognize and Celebrate Your Profession and Your Peers

It’s so important to celebrate the long-term and post-acute care profession. You and your peers work so hard and deserve to be recognized for all that you accomplish.


5.       Relaxing Fun!

Last, but certainly not least – you get to relax and have a little fun! How often does that happen?


This year’s AADNS Annual Conference will be held in National Harbor, MD, June 27 – 29, 2018. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this premier leadership conference! Learn more and register today!

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