PBJ Data Specs Versions 2.00.0, 2.00.3 and 4.00.0 Will Be Accepted Until Further Notice (5/20)

By CMS - May 03, 2020

A revised version of the PBJ Data Specifications (Version 4.00.0) is available to Users. The new release of the Data Specifications reconciles changes to the file layout, fileSpecVersion 4.00.0. Census tags have been removed from the 4.00.0 version due to CMS no longer collecting Census data from PBJ as of April, 2018. No immediate changes are needed when using the current PBJ Submission File fileSpecVersions (2.00.0 and 2.00.3), however, Users are encouraged to begin using PBJ fileSpecVersion 4.00.0.  XML files submitted with versions other than 4.00.0 on or after June 2, 2020 will be rejected. Please note this does not apply to the PBJ Administration Submission File format. Users who use this file format for linking employees should continue to use fileSpecVersion 1.00.0. 

On April 21, CMS added an errata:

4.00.0 fileSpecVersion: CMS is delaying the previously communicated June 1, 2020 date for rejecting PBJ file Spec Versions 2.00.0 and 2.00.3. The PBJ system will continue to accept PBJ fileSpecVersions 2.00.0, 2.00.3 and 4.00.0 until further notice from CMS. Details can be found in the following document: Errata V4.00.1 for PBJ Data Submission Specifications (V4.00.0) 04-16-2020.