What’s Due November 28th: The Basics of Phase 1

By Amy Stewart, RN, DNS-MT, RAC-MT, QCP-MT - November 10, 2016

There are lots of changes on the horizon, with the three-phase implementation of the Final Rule (also known as the Mega-Rule) set to roll out over the next three years. A surprise to many is the recent news that CMS is not planning to update interpretive guidelines until 2017; CMS will update regulatory language for Phase 1 requirements under current F-Tags. Nonetheless, now is a good time to start looking closely at the new requirements in the Mega-Rule—especially those due with the implementation of Phase 1 on November 28, 2016. The good news is that Phase 1 implements requirements that, for the most part, already exist. Although relatively straightforward, these requirements still require changes that directors of nursing services (DNSs) need to be ready for. Here are the section-by-section changes that you don’t want to miss.