Staffing Crisis: How to Stop the Cycle of Burnout

By Emily Royalty-Bachelor, Staff Writer - July 12, 2016

A young nurse walks into her new job. She graduated nursing school a few weeks ago. Shortly thereafter, she accepted a position as a long-term care nurse. She’s full of optimism. Sure, it’s not exactly what she wants to do for the rest of her life, but she figures she can work a few years and then use the experience to find a position in acute care, or perhaps as a director of nursing. After a few weeks of training, she’s put on the floor. Suddenly, she finds herself supervising nurses’ aides. In school, she only ever had three patients. Now she is charged with the care of more than two dozen residents. Because there’s another nursing position to be filled at her facility, she also has to start working multiple overtime shifts to cover the empty position.