Resident Satisfaction Ratings: How Happy Are Your Residents to Call Your Facility Home?

By Emily Royalty-Bachelor, Staff Writer - March 07, 2017

The federally mandated Five-Star rating is, undoubtedly, the nationwide benchmark for measuring the quality of a long-term care facility.


But there’s another metric—one that is often ignored but is in many ways just as important for providing key insights into the facility’s strengths and areas needing improvement: the resident satisfaction rating.


And though the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) doesn’t presently require facilities to gather this information, that may soon change.


CMS is currently in the testing phase to introduce a resident satisfaction metric to the MDS.


Amy Franklin, RN, DNS-MT, RAC-MT, QCP-MT, and AADNS curriculum development specialist, says that we may see this new metric go into effect as soon as fiscal year 2020—and it’s a good idea to start preparing now.