Q&A: Who should attend high-risk resident oversight meetings?

By AADNS Network - June 06, 2018

Question:  Who should attend high-risk resident oversight meetings?

Answer:  Unless you have a specific policy regarding the High-Risk Committee, I would say that the committee could vary based on what topics you are discussing. For example, the administrator, director of nurses, social services, and MDS coordinator may need to be your main committee. Then if you are discussing wounds, involve the treatment nurse, dietary, and therapy. Depending on the topic, different team members may join at different times. Organize the topics to overlap with the same departments. For instance, discuss wounds and then weights as the same departments will need to be involved. Ultimately, it will depend on your facility size, team members, and policy.

Nisa Mcneil, RN, BSN, RAC-CT, QIN

Clinical Analyst

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