Q&A: Can barrier cream containing Zinc be kept in a resident’s room?

By Amy Stewart, RN, DNS-MT, QCP-MT, RAC-MT - September 11, 2018

Question: Do other homes allow their CNA's to apply barrier cream that contain Zinc? And do you keep it in resident rooms? Our house stock Barrier says 'Contains Zinc" on the front of the tube, but does not list it as an active ingredient. It lists Dimethicone 5% as the only Active Ingredient. Our pharmacy is questioning whether or not as an OTC this can be left in the resident room.



I've had CNAs apply dimethicone cream but I am reluctant to leave this at the bedside because it does indicate that it is harmful if swallowed. The concern would be that the cream could be ingested by a resident if it were not locked up and if that were to occur, the instructions state that you would need to contact poison control. For that reason, I did not leave it at the bedside.

I hope this helps.

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