How Positive Leaders Impact Care

By Linda Shell, DNP, MA, RN, DNS-CT - March 21, 2018

Have you ever worked for a boss who kept calm and positive even when under tremendous pressure? If so, you probably remember how that person’s attitude impacted the stress-filled environment in a very positive way.

Nurse leaders carry an enormous amount of responsibility for multiple tasks in long-term care: budget, documentation, supervision, equipment, census, quality care, survey readiness, staffing—and the list goes on and on. It can be difficult to keep calm and remain positive. Some days, that’s almost impossible! When all these tasks and responsibilities are swirling about in the leader’s head, it results in enormous amounts of stress and negatively impacts both the leader and the working environment. Even though we may not walk around talking negatively, our body language often ensures that we’re wearing our heart on our sleeve. Dementia experts tell us that residents living with memory loss are often experts at reading body language. So, the people we are most passionate about caring for can be negatively impacted by our attitude.