DNS Checklist: 5 Steps to Stronger Care Plans

By Caralyn Davis - October 09, 2018

Baseline and comprehensive care plans each have their own rules and requirements, but the common theme uniting them both is that they are the lynchpin between resident assessments and care provision, showing the interdisciplinary team (IDT) what they need to do to provide person-centered care that meets professional standards of quality for each resident. In the Long-term Care Survey Process (LTCSP), the critical element pathways guide surveyors to match up these care plans and medical record documentation with their own observations and interviews with residents/families to identify deficiencies.


In other words, directors of nursing services (DNSs) must maintain some management oversight of the care-planning process to improve resident outcomes and reduce the chances of bad survey outcomes, says Amanda Brogna, MSN, RN-BC, regional clinical director for Health Concepts in Providence, RI.


Implementing the following steps can help DNSs guide the IDT toward stronger care plans: