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Why become a director of nursing services?

A  Director of Nursing Services (DNS) is a leader. The DNS leads the team in providing skilled care; manages the needs of multiple stakeholders; becomes a mentor and coach to staff members; and embodies the spirit and passion needed to ensure residents receive the best care possible. 

Why choose long-term and post-acute care?

Long-term and post-acute care might not seem like a glamorous field to consider entering as a nursing student, but there are many reasons to consider this highly skilled field as your first career move after graduating.

  1. Long-term care as a whole is growing at a rapid pace due to the aging baby boomer population. This anticipated influx equates to job security, stability, and growth opportunities.
  2. Clinical nursing practices can be fine tuned and developed in a skilled nursing setting. Students that graduate and enter a hospital setting are far less likely to get one-on-one time with patients or residents that require critical thinking and skilled nursing techniques.  
  3. Relationships are built with residents you continually care for. It’s rare to spend more than a few days taking care of a patient, whereas in a post-acute care setting, nurses have the opportunity to build relationships with the people they take care of and become a part of their lives and family.


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