2018 Director of Nursing of the Year

Sharon Riddle, RN. Sharon demonstrates leadership in all aspects of the nursing process to include fostering person-centered individualized care for the residents served in the facility. She provides education, leadership, and guidance in implementation of new regulations and survey processes. She promotes accurate completion of the MDS/Care plan process. She works well with team members from other disciplines to improve resident care and foster their dignity. She also oversees a free Certified Nursing Assistant course for those interested in a career in Geriatrics or healthcare in general.

As a leader of the nursing department of a CMS 5-Star center, her work has been recognized at the corporate level for excellence in delivery of patient care, prudence in management of resources, and involvement in community services.

2018 Founder's Professional Development Grant

Christy Steward, RN, DNS-CT. Christy is the DON of a 54-bed skilled nursing facility. She is responsible for the daily operations of the nursing department including training staff, directing resident care, working closely with budgets, care plans, MDS, and implementing new, innovative programs.

Christy applied for this grant so she could attend conference to learn and bring information back to her facility to share with staff. She states, “I hope that this is just one stepping stone toward greatness for our facility and in my professional career.”

Christy started working at her facility just two years ago. At that time, it was a 1-star facility, and under her leadership, it has already progressed to a 3-star facility and maintained a 2% rehospitalization rate. Christy is passionate about sharing education and helping nursing facilities advance to the level required to meet residents’ needs.

2018 President's Professional Development Grant

Sharon Riddle, RN, RAC-CT. Kimberly’s responsibilities include regulatory compliance, staffing, policies and procedures, payroll, emergency preparedness, and the overall quality of care for 101 residents.

Kimberly selected to earn her DNS-CT certification. In doing so, she hopes to “better serve all of the people I work with: residents, families, and employees, by enhancing my nursing knowledge.”

Kimberly loves working with the elderly and wants to learn everything she can to help improve the quality of life of the people she cares for. Her entire career has been in long-term care, so she is dedicated to this profession.

2018 Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship (provided with support from Cerner and the friends and family of Cheryl M. Thomas)

Kim Phillips, RN. In her position as the ADON, Kim rounds with the physicians, floats between floors and works where needed. She assists with care plans, MDSs, and new doctor orders. She is also responsible for tracking quality measures and is a member of the corporate compliance team.

Kim’s passion for long-term care was seen throughout her application. She states “With my experiences in long-term care and earning my degree, I believe I can contribute to long-term care by mentoring new nurses. I believe working in long-term care is very rewarding and I love working with the elderly. Most of the elderly residents are very appreciative of any small thing you can do for them, and they love seeing you every day. Being able to care for the elderly during their last few years/months/days is truly a blessing.”  

Kim is working on her BSN at the University of Missouri at St Louis, where she hopes to gain the leadership skills necessary to improve quality of care for residents in long-term care.

Previous Award Recipients (2017)

Director of Nursing of the Year

Kari Gawrych, RN, RAC-CT

Nursing Home Administrator of the Year

David Simha

Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship

Stacey Poldevaart, RN, RAC-CT

Note: The awards and scholarships above were previously awarded by our sister organization, the American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination.