Recommended Resources for MatrixCare Clients

As a MatrixCare client, you're using superior software for your EHR and facility operations, helping to ensure better ratings and higher facility outcomes. But having great software is just one means of achieving great results. The best way to ensure facility success is to have competent and knowledgeable leadership at the helm. That's where the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS) comes in. AADNS is the leading provider of membership resources and education to directors of nursing services (DNSs) working in long-term and post-acute care. 

One of the biggest changes coming your way is the new Patient-Driven Payment System (PDPM). To help DNSs prepare for and understand this major payment transition, AADNS has prepared several resources for members. With just one year to go before implementation, you can expect continual resources and education on PDPM for you and your team. 

To access members-only resources on our website and the PDPM resources listed below, you can try AADNS risk-free as a trial member. Just click the button below to get started.

PDPM Resources for Nurse Leaders