Will You Be Ready When Surveyors Come Knocking?

AADNS’s Survey Readiness 24/7 Tool Kit walks nurse leaders through the new standard survey process before the surveyors arrive, helping them understand what to expect throughout the new survey process. Most importantly, the guide helps DNSs to identify what needs corrected before the surveyors arrive.

AADNS’s Survey Readiness 24/7 Tool Kit  includes:

  • A step-by-step guide for how to use the data from the Facility Wide Assessment, CASPER reports, and Quality Measures to prepare your facility for survey
  • A comprehensive checklist of what documentation to prepare before surveyors arrive
  • Audit tools for all mandatory tasks and critical element pathways
  • Best practices for how to prepare staff for surveyor interviews
  • Easy-to-use tips to implement strategic rounds
  • Checklists for resident care checks related to grooming, care delivery, and more
  • A guide to planning corrective actions, including PIPs and QAA

Use the Survey Readiness 24/7 Tool Kit  to get your facility’s data, documentation, people, and environment ready for survey and prevent citations.

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