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As a DON in long-term care, you're faced with daily challenges and surprises. Stand out as a leader that can not only tackle it all, but do so with expertise and energy. How? By belonging to the American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS). AADNS is the premier association supporting directors of nursing services and nurse leaders working in long-term and post-acute care. 



    - We have hundreds of tips, tools, and training kits to simplify your work and feel confident as a leader.

    - Our nurse experts provide condensed and informative information on complex regulatory changes so you are competent and up to date.

    - With thousands of members from across the country, you'll belong to a national professional            association of educated and like-minded nurses. 

    - We promote the role of the nurse leader and help those working in this role to stand out and shine.


    Don't leave your success to chance. Stand out as the leader that you are by knowing exactly what's required and expected of you in your role using the DNS Body of Knowledge and an AADNS membership. This guide includes a comprehensive list of domains and tasks detailed with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to be a successful DNS. Get a preview of this members-only tool by completing the form below. 

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