Who We Are

The American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS) is a national association advancing post-acute care through innovative nurse leadership. AADNS represents DONs and other nurse leaders in long-term care by providing fresh and cutting-edge resources that nurse leaders need now. AADNS is sophisticated in its expertise and has a greater relevancy with tools and products, all while promoting a collaborative approach between the DON and team members.

Membership with AADNS

AADNS has taken a fresh approach to member benefits to fully meet the needs of nurse leaders in long-term care. We go beyond the expected monthly newsletter and annual conference to bring you consistent, expert, and regularly released news, updates, and products. AADNS members stay informed and connected with online resources, downloadable tools, competency guides, community networking, in-person events, and expert-written news articles. 

Membership with AADNS is just $199/year, with discounts available for two-year pricing, students, and large groups. Learn more and join AADNS as a member.

Education for the Nurse Leader

Nurse leaders in long-term care are some of the most skilled and competent nurses in the profession. To complement technical skills, AADNS specializes in education and training to help prepare and train for the business side of nursing, including managing a facility, organizing staff, and ensuring quality outcomes. AADNS offers education and certification tailored to meet the needs of a busy DNS that has the competency to get the job done, but is looking for a little extra help to get it done efficiently and effectively. 


Training Programs

Educational Products

AADNS strives to help DONs working in long-term care perform at peak capacity. To help do this, AADNS released the AADNS Body of Knowledge for the Role of Director of Nursing Services in Long-Term Care, a comprehensive guide to define and measure the core competencies of DONs working in skilled nursing facilities. 

Members of AADNS can receive the AADNS Body of Knowledge for the Role of DNS in LTC free of charge. Not yet a member? Join today or complete the form below to get a sneak-peek!