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Your support of the LTC Nursing Education Foundation provides academic scholarships and nursing research grants. Meet some of the nurses who we helped achieve their professional goals.

Cheryl M. Thomas Scholarship Winners

2018 Scholarship Recipient

Kim Phillips, RN In her position as the ADON, Kim rounds with the physicians, floats between floors, and works where needed. She assists with care plans, MDSs, and new doctor orders. She is also responsible for tracking quality measures and is a member of the corporate compliance team. 

Kim’s passion for long-term care was seen throughout her application. She states “With my experiences in long-term care and earning my degree, I believe I can contribute to long-term care by mentoring new nurses. I believe working in long-term care is very rewarding and I love working with the elderly. Most of the elderly residents are very appreciative of any small thing you can do for them, and they love seeing you every day. Being able to care for the elderly during their last few years/months/days is truly a blessing.”

Kim is working on her BSN at the University of Missouri in St. Louis, where she hopes to gain the leadership skills necessary to improve quality of care for residents in long-term care.


2017 Scholarship Recipient

Stacey Poldervaart, RN, RAC-CT, is the staff development coordinator at Friendship Haven. In her position, she is responsible for the onboarding and orientation of new team members as well as coordinating a skills fair. She works closely with the direct caregivers and their supervisors to ensure that quality care is provided in all areas of the campus. A strong supporter of person-directed care, Stacey feels that it is important to ensure team members understand that we are guests in our residents’ homes and that the art of compromise is necessary to find the balance between regulatory demands and the needs of the person. Stacey is pursuing an MSN in Nursing Education. Her goal is to assist others in the learning process, meeting them where they are at in their journey. She hopes to help long-term care build stronger relationships with local community colleges and to attract students to work in the long-term care field.

Stacy shared her hopes and vision in her scholarship application: "My personal goal after graduation would encompass several different things. The first thing would be to continue to learn and grow in my nursing career. Another goal would be to appreciate others’ perspectives in nursing. The most important goal to me, however, would be to have a positive influence on future health science students. The lives that they touch every day, and the impact students will have on the health of others is incredible. This is something that every nurse should not take for granted." 


2016 Scholarship Recipients

Stacie Howe, RN, RAC-CT, is an MDS coordinator at Cedar Village Retirement Community in Mason, Ohio. According to her nominator, her “facility improved from a one-star to a four-star rating, in no small part due to Stacie’s focus on improvement in clinical outcomes and Quality Measures. In addition, Stacie was instrumental in implementing Quality Initiatives that helped the facility provide accurate coding for Medicaid reimbursement and improve resident and family satisfaction scores.” Stacie is currently working towards her bachelors in nursing. Committed to furthering her own education, she sees her biggest strength in her ability to build strong, knowledgeable teams that take pride in their work and furthering their education.


"The scholarship has allowed me to continue my education toward my BSN. This award has also been a highlight of discussion on my current career path as an educator and Quality/Risk Coordinator for a rehabilitation hospital. It has allowed growth and opportunities that otherwise would have been limited." 


LaCreesha Louis, RN, RAC-CT, is an MDS coordinator at Bria Health Services in Palos Hills, Illinois. She began her career in long-term care ten years ago as a CNA, later becoming an LPN, and just recently an RN, overcoming many personal obstacles. According to her administrator, “Lacreesha is truly a compassionate person. She challenges the status quo to initiate positive change. She leads by example to show others that continuous improvement is possible and her passion for elder care is exemplary.” Currently working on her bachelors, she looks forward to furthering her education and increasing her capacity to positively impact residents and colleagues.

LaCreesha’s willingness to go above and beyond was highlighted in her scholarship application: “There was a resident who was placed in my facility as a result of a blood infection. She was scheduled to be there for two weeks. When I interviewed her, she revealed to me she was not only sexually assaulted by someone in her house but was robbed of everything she owned. She had no clothes, only the hospital gown and blankets she was transferred with. I was so heartbroken for her. I went home that night and went through my entire wardrobe. The next day I went into my administrator’s office and let him know that I was going to give the resident the clothes and shoes I had gathered the night before from my closet. He gave me the approval to give them to her. I went to the resident’s room and gave her the bags. She started crying. Finally, through her tears, she thanked me. That was such a fulfilling day for me. I was so happy that I was able to help someone.”

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