Nursing Assistant In-Service Tools

It’s your role to constantly improve your staff’s knowledge on a range of issues— from preventing the spread of infection, to caring for residents with diabetes, to pain management, and more. These nursing assistant in-service tools allow you to select from a variety of topics and continuously educate your staff. Each tool includes an instructor’s guide and test questions.

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Combatting Failure to Thrive in Adults *NEW*
Appropriate Use of Personal Protective Equipment  
Flu Trivia
Staying Alert for Acute Conditions
The Skin: Facts, Risks, and Care
The Many Forms of Abuse and Neglect 
The Fragile Bones of Osteoporosis
Foot Health and Care 
Respecting Cultural Diversity
Helping to Reduce Pressure Injuries 
The Losses Families Grieve 
Dining Safety
Signs of Pain in Residents with Dementia
Caring for Residents Who Wander
Pain Control Beyond Drugs
Caring for Residents in a Vegetative State 
Providing Good Customer Service 
Communicating With Residents With Dementia
Basics of Emergency Care for the Nursing Assistant
End of Life Care: A Holistic Approach
Basics of Care for the Resident Who Is Incontinent
Don't Cause Infections!