AADNS Education

With the needs of the business nurse leader in mind, AADNS educational programs are designed to meet not only your individual professional development goals and learning preferences but to also meet your staff training requirements. Whether you're looking to earn one of our respected certifications or for an easy-to-use in-service toolkit, AADNS has the educational solution you're looking for.

DNS and Nurse Leader Education

AADNS offers two professional certifications that will validate your commitment to your career and to maintaining top-notch resident care. The Director of Nursing Services-Certified (DNS-CT) credential is perfect for directors of nursing services, nursing home administrators, vice presidents of clinical services, and other long-term care professionals with management responsibilities, while the QAPI Certified Professional (QCP) certification is designed for directors of nursing services, QAPI managers, nursing home administrators, nurse managers, social services directors, activities directors, and staff development directors. 

To prepare for the certification exams, AADNS offers online prep courses as well as in-person two- and three-day workshops.

Learn more about the DNS-CT certification, education programs, and exam
Learn more about the QCP certification, education programs, and exam

Staff Development Resources

With AADNS's user-friendly in-service training tools, you can supplement your staff's knowledge and ensure that  your team is on the same page.

Learn more about AADNS in-service training tools.