QAPI Certified Professional (QCP)

As a QAPI Certified Professional (QCP), you have proof that you have the knowledge and experience to lead and guide your team in complying with the new proposed regulations. This credential demonstrates that you know how to prepare for and implement QAPI-mandated regulations in your facility. The QCP certification is designed for directors of nursing services, QAPI managers, nursing home administrators, nurse managers, social services directors, activities directors, and staff development directors.

QCP Certification Requirements

To earn the QCP certification, candidates must:

  • Have the equivalent of two years of full-time healthcare experience, preferably in long-term or post-acute care leadership or quality improvement
  • Actively participate in a QAPI program or serve as a member of a QAA committee
  • Pass the QCP certification exam with a score of 80% or better

The QCP certification is valid for four years. See the Candidate Handbook below for recertification requirements.

QCP Prep Courses and Workshops

Nationally recognized nurse educators have developed a five-part educational program that will make it easy for you to get ready for the certification exam and will help you become an expert in the process. Courses can be purchased individually or as a bundled package, depending upon your needs. The courses will help you:

  • Implement the five elements of the QAPI program
  • Evaluate your facility and create an ongoing improvement plan for your facility
  • Improve your team's understanding and involvement in the process
  • Apply the QAPI principles effectively
  • Lead your team in QAPI initiatives  

Courses include: