Director of Nursing Services–Certified (DNS-CT)

With the DNS-CT credential behind your name, you show that you have the management skills and knowledge needed to master the challenges of being a DNS. Your credential indicates that you are a leader and that you know how to improve quality, communications, and resident care throughout the facility. The DNS-CT credential is perfect for directors of nursing services, nursing home administrators, vice presidents of clinical services, and other long-term care professionals with management responsibilities.

DNS-CT Certification Requirements

To earn the DNS-CT certification, candidates must:

  • Hold a current RN license
  • Have the equivalent of two years of full-time long-term or post-acute care experience, with a minimum of one year of experience either as a DNS or relevant nursing leadership experience
  • Take the DNS-CT courses with exams and pass with a score of 80% or better. Each course provides two attempts to pass a final certification exam with a score of 80% or higher. If you do not pass after two attempts, you must purchase the course again to get an additional two attempts. If you do not pass after four attempts, you are required to wait one year before taking the certification exam again)

The DNS-CT certification is valid for two years. Learn more about the DNS-CT Certification by downloading the Candidate Handbook 

DNS-CT Courses and Workshops

AADNS offers 10 courses with exams that must be completed for DNS-CT certification.  Courses can be taken as a bundled package or purchased individually. These courses will provide you with a greater understanding of long-term care with proven strategies. You will learn how to:

  • Excel during surveys using tested best practices
  • Apply a team approach to quality improvement that honors resident preferences and leverages staff skills
  • Protect your residents with risk management plans that adhere to current compliance standards
  • Prevent burnout and minimize facility turnover by promoting communication and participation
  • Comply with human resource regulations, laws, and challenges, no matter the situation
  • Complement your nursing expertise with strong management skills