The American Association of Directors of Nursing Services (AADNS) is a national association advancing post-acute care through innovative nurse leadership. AADNS represents DONs and other nurse leaders in long-term care by providing fresh and cutting-edge resources that nurse leaders need now. 

Are you ready for ongoing success under PDPM? 

PDPM Preparedness   Phase 3 Readiness Tool   Staffing 

PDPM is here! 
 As a busy nurse leader, you need accurate and comprehensive PDPM resources. AADNS has created a wealth of in-depth articles and resources to prepare members for how PDPM will change facility payment and care delivery. 

Do you have a plan of action to prepare for Phase 3? 
 This member-favorite tool, the Phase 3 Readiness Tool, has helped members have a month-by-month checklist of things to take care of before Nov. 28. 
Whether you're a new or a seasoned DNS training new staff, knowing what skills a DNS needs is key to success and longevity with the organization.  AADNS's Body of Knowledge will prepare you to know what's expected of the role, whether it be for yourself or a person you're hiring.

Membership with AADNS

AADNS has taken a fresh approach to member benefits to fully meet the needs of nurse leaders in long-term care. We go beyond the expected monthly newsletter and annual conference to bring you consistent, expert, and regularly released news, updates, and products. AADNS members stay informed and connected with online resources, downloadable tools, competency guides, community networking, in-person events, and expert-written news articles. 

Membership with AADNS is just $199/year, with discounts available for two-year pricing, students, and large groups. Learn more and join AADNS as a member.