Business Partners

Align your brand with the nation’s top membership association dedicated to long-term care and post-acute care nurses. AADNS offers a variety of flexible options to help you reach your marketing goals. By partnering with AADNS, you can effectively reach your target audience through advertising, exhibiting, sponsorships, corporate partnerships, and more.

For a full list of current Business Partners, view our Partner Directory.

Benefits included in your partnership

Opportunity Gold Platinum

AADNS Memberships   2 4
Marketing & Branding  


  x x
Conference    x  x
Friday BP Social Tweet    1/year 2/year
Complimentary advertising      
DNS Navigator enewsletter      1/year 
DNS Navigator lead article    2/year  3/year
DNS Network    1 week 2 weeks
AADNS Nurse Leader Blog      2 months
AADNS website      1 month 
AADNS member product and service eblast      1/year 
Lead generation, white paper, or webinar      1/year
Connection to members       
 Survey (5 - 10 questions)   Yes Yes
Focus group ( online or phone) 
Yes Yes
Industry Information  

Submit articles for consideration for blog or newsletter
Yes Yes
Receive AADNS work study (when available)
Yes Yes

AADNS Annual Conference booth
25% discount 25% discount
AADNS media kit opportunities     25% discount 25% discount
AADNS member postal address list    1/year  1/year 
Investment/year     $3,000 $6,000

Learn more about business partner opportunities with both AADNS and our sister association, AANAC.