Master the Challenges of Being a DNS

AADNS’s comprehensive Director of Nursing Services—Certified Prep Courses take you step-by-step through the management skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your career as a nurse leader.

The DNS-CT credential is perfect for directors of nursing services, nursing home administrators, vice presidents of clinical services, and other long-term care professionals with management responsibilities.


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Leadership & Management for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0 hours)

  • Understand the difference between a leader and a manager and know what skills are necessary to be effective at both
  • Learn concepts important to building a foundation for quality care: systems of care, evidence-based approach, performance benchmarks, resident-directed care, and standards of practice
  • Implement strategies for time and workload management

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Risk Management for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0 hours)

  • Understand the basic framework for an effective risk-management program
  • Find out how to determine risk severity and occurrence probability and learn at least five ways to minimize risk
  • Identify at least five strategies that can help mitigate adverse outcomes when incidents occur

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Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement for the Nurse Leader (CE: 3.75)

  • State four facility quality assessment and assurance (QAA) requirements under the federal regulations
  • Describe facility processes necessary for achieving competitive Quality Measure scores
  • Detail how to proactively institute quality assurance activities to assist in enhancing the Five-Star rating

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Human Resource Management for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0 hours) 

  • Identify basic employment principles and workforce planning principles
  • Operationalize applicable labor laws in a long-term care facility
  • Identify HR strategies to enhance management and supervision of staff

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Survey Readiness 24/7/365 for the Nurse Leader (CE: 3.75 hours)

  • Describe the difference between Appendix P and Appendix PP of the State Operations Manual and explain each section
  • Understand how the seven tasks associated with the standard survey process can help facility staff prepare for a standard survey
  • Describe at least five components that are necessary when setting priorities to maintain or regain compliance

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Survey Management and Enforcement for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0 hours)

  • List the elements required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to complete an acceptable plan of correction for deficiencies cited during survey
  • Identify several means to devising and implementing an effective plan of correction
  • Understand how to effectively refute discrepancies found in the statement of deficiencies using the informal dispute resolution process

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Quality Indicator Survey Essentials for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0 hours)

  • List differences between the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) and the Traditional Survey
  • Differentiate between Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the QIS process
  • Discuss ways in which the QIS survey tools can be used in quality assurance/quality improvement activities

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Essential Business Skills for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0)

  • Implement an effective strategic planning process
  • Utilize principles of fiscal management and departmental budgeting
  • Promote professional development strategies to enhance the nursing profession

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MDS and Medicare Process Essentials for the Nurse Leader (CE: 5.0)

  • Understand the goals as outlined by CMS for MDS 3.0
  • Identify key concepts the nurse leader should consider to ensure an effective MDS/RAI process
  • Describe factors to ensure effective Medicare Part A systems

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Care Management and Surveillance Systems for the Nurse Leader (CE: 4.0)

  • Describe principles and processes for clinical surveillance of nursing systems
  • Apply principles of the nurse-patient relationship to affect quality care outcomes
  • Utilize evidence-based practice to drive clinical systems

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