Staff Development Certificate Program

Staff development is a key to effective nursing facility operations. Promoting and maintaining your staffs’ competencies and skills have never been so important due to the growing complexity of federal regulations and standards, increased acuity of residents, and an overall commitment to improved quality of care for residents. 

Staff Development Essentials for Nursing Facilities

Staff Development Essentials for Nursing Facilities course has been developed and updated by leading nurse educators. The course details the components of an effective staff development program, including:

  • Developing a successful staff orientation program
  • Providing appropriate training for nursing assistants
  • Managing and encouraging continuing education of your staff
  • Coordinating additional educational resources 

Additionally, this course describes the principles of adult education for effective development of staff training resources.

After completing the course and passing the associated final examination with a score of 80% or better, learners will receive access to a certificate of completion that can be downloaded, printed, and proudly displayed as recognition of achievement.

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